Book for Dealing with Angry and Difficult Customers

The coronavirus pandemic has put many companies and their customers under immense levels of pressure. And even in more normal times, some people quickly become rude and unreasonable so it's always important to know how to respond. In this turbulent time many customers are suffering from debt-stress syndrome - a condition that leads to mental, emotional, and even physical health problems. The wrath of this syndrome is often felt by the call centre agent in having to deal with customers who frequently angry and difficult. This 4-hour workshop provides the key skills a call centre agent requires to deal with customers empathetically and sincerely whilst also exploring strategies for dealing with rude customers, and to give you the confidence to handle any hostile conversations that you may face. 30 minutes of online business coaching is included per learner to facilitate the effective transfer of the skills learned to the workplace in their engagements with customers.
Blazing Moon
R 1 656.00