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Course Calendar

June 2018
Excel 2010 Introduction (1 day)
The objective of this 1-day course is to introduce learners to basic commands, functions and capabilities of Microsoft Excel. It is designed for computer users who are new to spreadsheets.
Course Cost: R 1 386.44
Advanced Business Communication Skills with Presentation Skills (3 days)
In the business world, nothing can be achieved without communicating effectively with employers, employees, clients, suppliers and customers. If you look at the most successful business people in the world, you will see people who have mastered the art of communication. And that’s the difference between being a good communicator and an advanced communicator – advanced communication is a true art form. Blazing Moon’s customised programme will give you the skill set and tools to enable you to communicate effectively in your all your verbal interactions and conversations, writing skills relevant to all business correspondence (business letters, reports and emails) and provide for confident and engaging presentations to audiences relevant in your business role.
Course Cost: R 5 405.00
Emotional Intelligence Leadership Skills (2 days)
In this course, managers will learn to apply Emotional Intelligence to motivate and engage their teams, foster cooperative working relationships, and improve their overall effectiveness. This course is for everyone who wants to move up or perform better in his or her role by applying Emotional Intelligence strategies and tools. If you are an individual performer, you can use this course to see what competencies you need to focus on becoming a Star Performer. If you are an Executive or Manager in an organisation, this course will provide you with a map and proven tools to support positive changes as you guide your direct reports toward becoming Star Performers.
Course Cost: R 4 542.50
Excel 2013 Advanced Essentials (2 days)
This advanced course covers a wide range of topics, including advanced formula tasks, working with named ranges, using advanced functions, resolving formula errors, managing data, outlining and grouping data, working with scenarios, using Solver, the Analysis ToolPack and PivotTable features, using PowerPivot and developing macros.
Course Cost: R 3 263.24
Skills & Insights for the Dynamic Manager (2 days)
This workshop is a tool that will show the new Manager how to develop, enhance and solidify effective leadership and management skills. It is designed to help the learner to create and accomplish their personal best, and to help them lead and manage others to get extraordinary things done. This intervention is a unique opportunity for new Managers to apply both the theoretical and integrative task perspectives in real life situations in order to enhance the leadership and management style of the manager.
Course Cost: R 5 684.45
Conflict Resolution (2 days)
Conflict resolution is a process of attempting to resolve a dispute or disagreement in order to meet the needs of all or at least one party involved. Conflict management and conflict resolution differ and we cover both aspects in this course. Conflict management include diverse topics like gossip, ridicule, feuding, law and more. The outcome of conflict management is to mediate the process of disagreement to the point of closure, (implying that conflict is not resolved). This course provides learners with more than skills; it teaches them to detect and address problems in the workplace; it energises productivity and morale and shows learners that differences properly managed lead to innovation and appropriate work behaviour, self-knowledge and sharpened goals.
Course Cost: R 5 605.10
Telephone Etiquette & Customer Service (2 days)
This course identifies telephone and customer service skills needed to be successful and more professional. It provides strategies to enable learners to give your customers the quality service they deserve. Each delegate will learn tips for handling the telephone, ways to manage the discussions, and how to influence your customer perception of your company.
Course Cost: R 821.10
Excel 2016 VBA (3 days)
Microsoft Office Excel 2016 and VBA continues Blazing Moon’s in-depth training material for Excel 2016. This course, over the duration of five lessons, gives students the skills they need to harness Visual Basic for Applications, or VBA, to automate many tasks they encounter while using Excel 2016.
Course Cost: R 6 128.93
Excel 2010 Intermediate (1 day)
This 1-day course provides learners with skills to create elaborate worksheets and workbooks in Microsoft Office Excel 2010 to display data in more effective ways. The delegate will be to perform advanced calculations, create sophisticated charts and diagrams, work with data lists and data from multiple sources.
Course Cost: R 1 450.84
Excel 2010 Advanced (1 day)
This 1-day course provides delegates with an overview of the more advanced features and functions of Microsoft Office Excel 2010. The delegate will acquire skills needed to use Excel to analyse data, work with PivotCharts and PivotTables, data in other office documents and collaborate with other users on worksheet development.
Course Cost: R 1 876.89

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Blazing Moon is an accredited supplier with MICT and Services SETA for our Soft Skills and IT Skills interventions.

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