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About Blazing Moon

Only four times per century are there two moons, both of which occur in one year. Dust and tiny particles in the atmosphere scatter light in different directions making the moon appear blue or even blazing red.

We too offer something truly spectacular and very rare. We make the effort to understand your business and then provide customised corporate training solutions to meet both group and individual needs. We pride ourselves on our training expertise and high levels of service delivery. In addition, our monitoring and maintenance solutions ensure that desired training results are actually achieved.

Blazing Moon Corporate Training (Pty) Ltd. was formulated in 1998. With twenty-six years’ experience in the field of education and training we provide professional Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes End User, and a wide range of Soft Skills interventions. In addition Blazing Moon provides learning and development consulting services to large corporate clients. We work closely with Senior Executives, HR and Learning and Development specialists in the refinement and fulfilment of their training strategies across both the computer end-user, and soft skills curriculums to achieve optimum individual, team and overall business performance.

"We strive to be the leading provider of intervention and development solutions in a wide range of markets."

Mission Statement

Blazing Moon is committed to offering customised Corporate Intervention Solutions to meet group and individual business needs. Our Flexible, Dynamic and Innovative approach allows for more creative input in our wide range of services and products; tailor made to add value to your Business.

We strive to ensure that every individual or group attending an intervention with Blazing Moon is equipped with the knowledge, displaying confidence and competencies to achieve true personal and business transformational objectives.


Blazing Moon is fully accredited with the MICT SETA for our IT courses and the SERVICES SETA for all our soft skills courses.

Blazing Moon Corporate Training is a proud Microsoft Business Partner for many years. In addition to this Blazing Moon has achieved the status of Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS). Achievement and maintenance of this status requires that we adhere to very stringent policies and procedures set out by Microsoft. As a CPLS partner, we can provide our customers with the best computer skills and knowledge offered by Microsoft Certified Professional trainers. We have access to the latest technologies and developments in software from Microsoft as well as the latest Microsoft Official Course Material.

Areas of Training

Blazing Moon offers training in the following areas. Click on the category of training below for a synopsis of the interventions available.

If you wished to see detailed outlines of our courses, please logon to Blazing Moon’s web site using your Username and Password. If you do not have a Username and Password, please complete the registration form to apply for these unique credentials as there are many more features you can see by logging to our site.

  • Computer Essentials with Windows, 2010 Outlook, Word & Excel or with Lotus Notes.
  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 in products of:
    • Access 2010;
    • Excel 2010:
    • Word 2010;
    • PowerPoint 2010;
    • Outlook 2010;
    • Visio 2010;
    • Project 2010;
    • SharePoint Designer 2010;
    • SharePoint 2010 Server;
    • Upgrading to Office 2010.
  • Time Management with Lotus Notes.
  • Time Management with Outlook 2010.
  • Soft Skills – Personal Developmental courses.
  • Soft Skills – Business Developmental courses.
  • Team Development.
  • Team Development Leadership.
  • Management and Leadership.
  • Project Management.
Are your Call Centre Team Leaders Inspired and Good Coaches?
12 February 2016

With the high attrition of call centre agents in most call centres, it is vital that you have a stable team leader base to coach and mentor your agents to perform to their optimum levels, adapt quickly to your culture and customer base.
May 2016
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Blazing Moon is an accredited supplier with MICT and Services SETA for our Soft Skills and IT Skills interventions. We are also an accredited MCLP (Microsoft Certified Learning Partner) and accredited with APPEDT. 

Discount Specials for March - April: 

  • Emotional Intelligence on 22-23rd March at a discounted price of R5,560 (VAT excl) per person. For a booking of 4 delegates per course date a price of R4,940 (VAT excl) is offered.
  • EQ Leadership Skills on 5-6th April at a discounted price of R5,908 (VAT excl) per person. For a booking of 4 delegates per course date a price of R5,250 (VAT excl) is offered.
  • Time Management Skills on 22-23rd March, 2016 at a cost of R5,383 (VAT Excl) per person. For a booking of 4 learners we offer you a further discount of R4,785.60 (VAT excl).
  • Assertiveness and You on 14-15th April, 2016 at a cost of R4,573.00 (VAT Excl) per person. For a booking of 4 learners we offer you a further discount of R4,344.35 (VAT excl).
  • MS Word 2010 Introduction on 14th March, 2016 at a cost of R1,300 (VAT excl) per person.
  • MS Access 2007/2010 Introduction on 16th March, 2016 at a cost of R4,200 (VAT excl) per person.
  • MS Excel 2010 Introduction on 22nd March, 2016 at a cost of R1,300 (VAT excl) per person.
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